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A Trip to Hell

​If you were to ask me to choose between a roof and a good mattress, I would go for the mattress. I do not know what other people think but, my experience has taught me that sleeping on a bad mattress is literally worse than sleeping in none.

​​The backache that I got from my previous camping trip lasted for a few days. I did not expect the organizer to provide me the best air mattress in the world but, at least, they should take good care of the candidates' backbone. The thing that I slept on was as hard as a rock.

​​Though I personally do not sleep in an expensive mattress with a technological framework that protects my bones but, at least, I have one that promises comfort and a good sleep. Ever since, I am very particular with what I sleep on. Perhaps, I should be glad that now I am more aware of my own well-being.
A Dream Come True

​I am a very active member of the Scout Troop in my platoon. Well, it has been 7 years since I started joining this troop. Now, it is more than merely an extra-curricular activity to me - it has become parts and parcels of my life. Other than having educational programs, we would often organize hikes or waterfall visits, just to have a fellowship together.

​​Sometimes, I would imagine us listening to music nearby the waterfall. If not for the best portable generator, it would always stay as an imagination. Now, it has actually come true!

​​Every time when we go for picnic or hiking activities, the portable generator would be a must-bring. If you do not know, perhaps you may imagine that to be a very bulky machine. Let me tell you that it is not. Actually, it is just as small as a box. There is another good thing with this machine - it is quiet and that is why, we would never be causing disturbance to the wildlife nearby.
The Dos and Don'ts With Air Mattresses

​​Owning an air mattress is something not everybody will opt for. They would say that owning an air mattress is high maintenance, but actually, it’s not. Having an air mattress is definitely not high maintenance and it will definitely not fill up your space. If you already own an air mattress, or plan on owning one, then here are some do’s and don’ts for you to know.

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Do – Keep the mattress inflated for as long as possible. If you keep inflating and deflating the mattress, it may spoil the seams of the air mattress, hence putting unnecessary pressure into the mattress. If you have guests at home, it is advisable that you keep the mattress inflated for as long as they are there as it will not trouble you to keep pumping the mattress up and deflating it every day.

​Do – When you decide to keep the air mattress back into storage, try not to disturb it as it is deflating. Allow the mattress to deflate completely before folding it and storing it. When you are in a rush, it may tempt you to simply pull the valve out of the mattress and push the air out of the mattress, but you should keep in mind that, by doing that you can damage the mattress. When you start to push the air out of the mattress, you may damage the seams of the air mattress hence, may sometimes result in bursting. Ensure you keep your ears near the mattress to note when it has done deflating or check if it still is.

Don’t – It is advisable that you keep your pets away from the mattress. The claws on the animals will cause them to accidently puncture the air mattress. As the name itself is air mattress, it is obvious that the air from the mattress will sooner or later come out. Also, sharp things can cause a hole on the mattress which will definitely puncture the mattress and leave it with a hole or tear.

D​on’t – Keep in mind to never fill the mattress with too much air. Inflating an air mattress with too much of air applies pressure into the mattress especially if it’s a new one it may even cause the mattress to burst.

​These may be helpful for those who are planning to get an air mattress and for those who just purchased them, do keep in mind everything said here to keep you away from damaging your new air mattress.